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About Us

Our family includes me, my husband and our three children and our irish wolfhounds and cirneco dell'etna's We are living in center Finland in a cosy little village called Kaavi.

My first dog was a golden retriever Amalia, who was born in 1989. Couple years later we got rottweiler Charlotta. Sadly, we have to let them both go in 2003. After that we decided to make our dream come true and we got our first irish wolfhound Conall in 2004. In 2006 we got cirneco dell'etna Mella, to our family mascot. Both these breeds are here with us to stay.

Kennel name Cainnech was admitted to me at 2006 and first irish wolfhound & cirneco dell'etna litters were born in 2011.

Tiina Hentunen

Tiina Hentunen, Kirkkoharjuntie 4, 73600 Kaavi, Finland, +358407449036, tiina.hentunen(at)